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In effect we have two big companies who are both Marvel comics to all intents and purposes but merely have different names.

All the other companies of the mid sixties… Charlton, ACG, Tower and so on… opted not to follow Marvel’s lead and subsequently went bust, leaving the comic field populated solely by pale ghosts of Lee’s former glories.

Even the independent publishers that have recently sprung up seem largely unable to do anything more radical than tinker feebly with Lee’s basic formulas. Captain Victory is little more than The Eternals playing at the wrong speed and Ditko’s Missing Man would not have looked out of place as a sub-plot in Dr. Strange.

Oddly enough, it is imitating the superficial stylistics of Mr. Lee’s ‘Marvel Renaissance’, most of these imitators seem unable to recognize the single most important quality that he brought to the comic medium.

Stan Lee, in his heyday, did something wildly and radically different.

And as far as I’m concerned, his vacant throne will remain empty until we come up with someone who has the guts and imagination to do the same.

Any offers?

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