On the Internet nobody knows you have a tumblelog.
With our system, you are seeing products in the stream, direct from people with great taste you admire, so you are not really shopping on your schedule, you are shopping on theirs.
I think about it like the movie “Minority Report.” The way shopping works now is you know what you’re looking for. You’re searching for black boots or you’re on a site and it’s broken down by category. I want to plant that seed in your head a month before you realize you need those black boots, and I want to sell them to you by the time that you need them. We’re trying to figure that out. Just as “Minority Report” was the precrime, I want to get you as preshop. We want to be the precrime of shopping. That’s the dream.
Fancy’s plan to know what you want before you do (Q&A) | Bootstrap - CNET News