On the Internet nobody knows you have a tumblelog.
Comparing your business plan to Apple is pretty standard corporate trope these days, but in the case of porn, the iTunes analogy is hopelessly inapt. Here’s the problem: Pornography is mostly a commodity product. Music is not. People have favorite bands and expect a certain level of production value in their music. Bruce Springsteen devotees aren’t just as happy listening to Bob Seger or an a cappella rendition of “Born In the USA.” It’s at least a little rarer to have favorite porn stars. And the audiences aren’t demonstrably sensitive to production values. Worse yet, the tools for do-it-yourself filming are improving every time Apple upgrades the iPhone’s video camera. In other words, convincing people to pay for to watch sex is a much taller task these days than getting them to pay for a song. Business - Jordan Weissmann - Why Porn and Journalism Have the Same Big Problem - The Atlantic